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Woman arrested over ‘dangerous’ hairdresser

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An Australian woman has been arrested over an alleged grooming ring, a state police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested in Sydney on Monday after police were called to a house in the state’s south-west, said a NSW Police spokeswoman.

“An investigation is ongoing and we can confirm an investigation is under way into an alleged sexual exploitation of a vulnerable person,” the spokesperson said.

Police allege the woman groomed at least two vulnerable women in Sydney over the past few years.

“She groomed a number of vulnerable women, groomed many more, she groomed vulnerable men in the past and she groommed vulnerable women,” the spokeswoman said.

“The alleged grooming is believed to have taken place in a Sydney residential area and involved multiple victims.”

Police allege she used social media to groom and solicit vulnerable women for sex.

“I have worked as a hairdressing stylist and I am horrified to report to you that I have been groomed and abused over many years,” the woman said in a video recorded by police.

“This was a horrific crime that I am extremely embarrassed about and I want to personally apologise to the victims.

I have spoken to the NSW Police and I hope that justice will be served.”

The woman has allegedly been living in Sydney for the past three years.

She has been charged with a number, including sexual assault and grooming an vulnerable person.

Police believe she groomer’s victims included women from the west, who the woman was reportedly trying to recruit.

“It’s very difficult to see how it was not an isolated incident,” the NSW police spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

“If it’s not isolated, it’s certainly a high profile incident that has taken place.”