What if your hair is too big and you don’t want to lose weight?

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A New York man who says he lost too much weight for his size because he didn’t get enough exercise says he’s learned the hard way.

In a series of blog posts, David C. Brown said he lost a significant amount of weight while on the drug Insulin.

In addition to losing more weight, he said he suffered from headaches, depression, anxiety and a slew of other medical problems that made it difficult for him to stay focused.

Brown says he decided to go on a two-month “brave new world” diet, which included cutting out everything from candy to soda, after his wife and their two children were diagnosed with cancer.

“I decided to stop all the food and alcohol and I didn’t want any distractions,” Brown wrote.

“I didn’t even get the urge to walk.”

Brown said he was also surprised to learn that a study from Johns Hopkins University found that a two month weight loss diet does not necessarily result in weight gain.

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, weight loss did not result in an increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions that are often associated with obesity.

Instead, the study found that people who reduced their intake of sugary beverages, sweets and fast food during a two week weight loss program had lower levels of inflammatory markers, higher levels of adiponectin, and lower levels for the hormone leptin than those who followed a standard weight loss regimen.

Brown said the two-week weight loss weight loss plan didn’t work for him, and he was disappointed that he didn.

He added that the most important thing he learned from the experiment is that a “breathing habit” is the best way to lose excess weight, especially if you’re not eating enough to achieve that goal.

The study was conducted by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Nutrition Research.

The study included more than 500 people who were either overweight or obese.