Hairdressers who got married but didn’t actually marry

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Hairstylists are a common sight at weddings across the world.

But this time, a hairdressing school in Sydney’s north-west is giving the hairdo of its customers a new twist.

A student at the Australian Academy of Hairdressers and Barberis (AAHB) is taking a different tack and designing a new hairstyle for her students that involves the creation of a fake marriage certificate.

“We’re a pretty small hair salon in the north-east, so our customers come in with a pretty big range of hairstyles, from full on buns to shorter bob haircuts,” she said.

The student’s new hairstyles will be available at the AAHB Hair Salon in the city from October 10.

Her idea was inspired by a recent article in the New York Post about a haired woman who was married in her hometown of Sydney but who didn’t even attend the wedding.

Instead, she said her husband and her mother-in-law invited her to the wedding on a cruise to England, where they took their own vows on a wooden board.

“My husband and my mum-in‑law asked if I would like to wear their wedding dress, which I didn’t really know anything about at the time,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So they asked me to take on the role of officiant.”

After spending the evening with the couple in their hotel room, the couple then shared their vows on the boat.

‘They have a great sense of humour’The student said she was impressed by the “funny” reaction the couple received.

She said the students were all very “humble” about the experience, adding that the haired lady and her husband had “a great sense, of humour”.

“They’re all really happy and they had a great time,” Ms Bowers said.

“They’ve also been really supportive of my idea, which is really cool.”