Why is it so difficult to get a house call in Melbourne?

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This week, ABC Radio Melbourne hosted a panel on house calls to get the story straight about the housing crisis in Melbourne.

The panel included house call expert and Melbourne social worker Sarah Cairns, and social worker Helen Kerekes.

Sarah C, social worker and director of research at the MHAW, said the crisis in the city was “one of the most important things we are working on”.

Sarah C. Photo: Joe Armao The panel also talked to house call specialist and social work expert Sarah Caimans about why she’s trying to help people in Melbourne get a home call.

The focus of the panel was the house call scheme that the MCA runs in Melbourne, but there was also talk about the role of local social workers.

“It is the only thing I’ve ever seen in my career that has really worked to help get people out of a situation where they’re stuck in a relationship with a person who is in the process of getting a home,” Ms Caims said.

“That’s a huge amount of people, many of whom are in relationships.”

Ms Caskins said the MSA had a number of programs in place to help clients get a call, including phone counselling, support groups, a helpline, a 24-hour referral service and a referral service.

The MHA’s chief executive officer, Heather Watson, said it was important for social workers and people in relationship difficulties to be able to make a call.

“There is a great deal of stigma around a home-call and the people who do it don’t want to have to get their phone out of their hand,” she said.