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Trump to visit California, Texas next week: report

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President Donald Trump is expected to visit Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas on Monday to visit with governors and other elected officials.

The visit comes after he met with Gov.

John Hickenlooper and other local officials, a White House official said.

Hickenlosers office said the president and his family are in Los Angeles for two days and will then visit Texas for a day, while his daughter, Ivanka Trump, is expected in Texas.

Mr. Trump also is expected on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to visit the city of Dallas, according to a White Trump administration official.

Mr, Trump is also expected to hold a private gathering with a group of mayors and county officials, according the White House.

The President has visited Texas a number of times before, including last month.

He held an event at the State Capitol with leaders of the state’s business and labor sectors.

Mr Trump also has made stops in Oklahoma City, Wichita and other parts of the Midwest.