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How to avoid a bald head on ‘The Bachelor’ star Chad Michaels

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Posted September 25, 2018 05:00:15Bald heads are a big part of the show, especially in the first few episodes of “The Bachelor.”

The show has a reputation for showing people bald heads and it’s a favorite of people who have no idea how to do their hair.

In this edition of “Dancing With The Stars,” we have Chad Michaels dancing in a tuxedo.

He has his hair styled, then has it shaved.

It’s not a normal haircut, and Chad Michaels is not ashamed of it.

Watch the video above for the full recap of the episode, plus Chad Michaels’ take on how he looks in a wig.

Here are the highlights from the episode:1.

Chad Michaels dances in a tiara with a tousled look.


Chad is wearing a wig that he has to cut.

He’s wearing a dark wig because it’s not normal to have bald hair on a show.3.

He gets a lot of attention for his hair style, which he has no problem with.4.

Chad has no trouble with hair being in a bun.


Chad and a friend are seen in a barbershop.6.

Chad gets a wig for the “Bachelor” show.7.

Chad’s hair is styled in the same way as the show.8.

Chad meets a barber who is a little older than him.9.

Chad looks to be in good shape.10.

Chad does his own hair for a show that’s often filmed at a bar.11.

Chad cuts his hair for the show without telling anyone.12.

Chad appears on the “The Show With George Lopez” show in a white wig.