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How to Dress Like a Bitch to Be a B-List Hot Topic star

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If you want to be on a hot topic, you’re going to have to make a ton of choices.

And you better be ready to make your choice in a way that doesn’t sound like a loser.

Here are a few tips on how to dress like a bitch to be a hot-topic star.


Don’t dress like you’re trying to impress a girl.

If you don’t look like a hot guy, you’ll be a loser on hot topic.

If the dress you’re wearing makes you look like you think you’re a hot girl, you might be one.

You might be a guy with a tonne of money, a hot haircut, a new car and a brand new apartment.

You’re a loser, even if you don, at least, look like one.


Dress like you want a date.

If it’s your first time in the spotlight, you better think twice about wearing something that’s too casual.

And if you’re the only guy you’re dating, you should consider making sure you’re dressed for a date and that you have some extra-curricular activities that will get you noticed.

It might not sound like much, but it can be the difference between a fling and a break-up.


Wear clothes that you’d look good in.

If your outfit looks like it’s made for a movie set, you probably aren’t going to look good.

The problem is, you can’t wear clothes that look good on you if you’ve got a girlfriend who doesn’t have any friends who have friends.

If this sounds like you, then you need to rethink your wardrobe.


Don´t wear a hat that doesn´t go well with your clothes.

You need to dress in a casual way, not in a super-casual way.

Wear hats that you’re comfortable in, like a hat with a brim, not a hat on top that’s going to take up space.


Dress with style.

If someone asks you how you like to dress, don’t give them a list of all the wrong things.

The way you dress will be what attracts them.

If there’s a line of people that are waiting for you in the store, dress in the way you want them to be attracted to you.

If they ask you how to wear a tie, you need a way to put it on that you can wear it with.


Dress as a group.

If one person in your group has the right clothes, you are more likely to like them.

The other people in your circle might not like you the way they like you.

You have to be the only one in your scene who is doing this.


Dress to impress.

You can wear clothes for a hot chick that won’t make you look hot, or you can dress like the hot chick in the group that will.

Don`t try to look like the girl in the video or on TV.

If that`s what you want, then dress like she`s there.

If she looks like she doesn`t want to meet you, don`t bother.


Dress in a manner that will appeal to everyone.

If a girl wants to date you, she has to find you attractive.

If I’m the hot girl in your video, and she`ll be looking for someone else, that`ll not be a good thing.


Don t wear clothes with holes in them.

A hole in a dress or a hole in your shoe won’t attract anyone.

You just have to dress to impress her.


Dress a certain way for every occasion.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot date, a flings night out or a date at the office.

If no one is looking, dress how you want people to see you.

Don,t be a slut.