How to make a man look like a woman in Porto

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In Portugal, a popular hairdressing shop has been accused of discriminating against women and discriminating against men in a discriminatory way.

The hairdryers at the Siggers haute hairdresses in Portofino, Portugal, say they do not cater to men.

But according to the Associated Press, they are also refusing to give a man his hair cut unless he’s married.

A woman who was visiting the shop on Saturday and identified herself as Maria said she had been discriminated against in the shop because she is a woman.

The owner told the Associated News that he was not aware of the discrimination.

Siggers is one of the largest hairdriers in the country and was founded in 1903 by a Norwegian immigrant who later emigrated to the U.S.

Saga is a famous hairdo designer and is considered a pioneer of hairdotting.

Saggers is owned by the family of a former Portuguese Prime Minister, and it has become a fashion destination for men and women in the city.

According to the AP, Maria told the news outlet that she felt uncomfortable at the shop.

She said she was told that she was not welcome if she asked for her hair cut, even though the hairdyling service is free for men.