How a hairstylist reacted to a tweet about Bitcoin (with photos)

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H&M has a new hairstyle for women and a new haircut for men, which is making headlines in the digital currency world.

The hairstylists at the luxury retailer said the new look has changed their life.

“We are happy to announce that we have added Bitcoin and are now accepting Bitcoin payments as a payment method,” the chain of hair salons posted on its Facebook page.

Bitcoin has seen a surge in popularity recently, reaching an all-time high on Friday, but it is still not as mainstream as the likes of PayPal and Amazon.

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M said it plans to accept bitcoin as payment through its website and the app, including payments via Apple Pay.

It also said it would work with bitcoin-related businesses to accept payment via the company’s online platform.

H&amps said the hairstyles have not been widely tested.

Read more about Bitcoin here:H&m did not elaborate on what was changed, but said its partnership with the cryptocurrency company would not change the hair salon’s daily operations.

In December, the chain said it had secured a $1.2 million financing round.

According to the website, the new haircuts will be made available to customers at no cost, and they will be available at all locations in the U.S.