Happy birthday to the best hairstylist in the world

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Happy birthday, hairdressing.

The world’s top hairdressor has had a long and proud career.

Here are some of the most influential women in the business.


Gail Taylor, owner of The Gail and Tom Taylor, a salon in the US, who’s best known for her work in the hair industry.

She started out in the 1950s by selling hair to clients who wanted their hair professionally styled and sold it on at a discount.

“She made her mark on the industry with her innovative style and her ability to sell hair,” said Michelle Goss, who owns the popular salon on the Gold Coast.

“Her customers loved her hairstyles, and the rest is history.”


Gilda Ross, who runs the Gilda and Tom Ross Hair Salon in Melbourne, which is renowned for her hair products and products.


Gwen MacLeod, who founded the popular hair salon and has worked in hairdression since 1979.

“When I opened my first salon, I did not have the luxury of having all the staff I need,” she said.

“I had to go and find my staff and hire them, so now I have the experience of working in a salon with a lot of experience.”


Sarah and Tony Smith, who own and operate the popular Gwen and Tom Smith Hair Salon and Gwen Smith Hair Studio in Melbourne.

“We love working in the salon, we love being there, we have lots of fun and we get to make hair looks better every day,” said Sarah.

“Tony and I have a love for all things hairstyling, and we have great memories working in Melbourne’s top hair salon.”


Linda Della Valle, who started her own salon in 1989 and now runs the popular and highly successful Laura’s Salon in Sydney.


Lisa Hynes, who has been a professional hairstylist for more than 30 years.

“It’s an honour to have my name associated with a place that makes hair and styling products available for sale,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.


Angela Waugh, who is the founder and director of the Gwen, Laura and Gai’s Hair Salon on the Brisbane Gold Coast, who opened her first salon in 1998 and has been in the hairdresses business for 30 years and still makes her hair look amazing.


Karen and Craig MacKenzie, who are the owners of the acclaimed and well-loved Laura’s Hair Studio and Genna MacKenzies Hair Salon.


Michelle and John Williams, who have worked in the industry for more years than any other woman.


Lucy Luscombe, who became the first woman to be awarded a gold medal at the International Hair Expo in 2019.


Lisa and Paul Williams, the owners and operators of the popular Hair & Beauty Salon in Brisbane, who worked together to launch their business in 1989.

“Our salon is so much about our love for hair, styling and makeup, which makes it one of the best in Australia,” said Lisa.


Michelle Roper, who ran the first hair salon in Sydney in 1958.


Lisa Maclean, who owned the iconic Gwen-MacLeans Hair Salon from 1995 to 2000.


Lisa Ross, whose first salon opened in 1968.


Lisa McNeill, who was the first hairdressed woman to work in Melbourne in 1959.


Mary and Brian McGinty, who bought the popular Gold Coast salon in 2001.


Mary Ann and Jim McGregor, who were the first and only women to own and run the popular John and Mary McGregor Salon in 2009.


Barbara Karr, who launched the popular Victoria Hair Salon with her husband in 1972.


Maryanne and Gary McNamara, who sold hair to customers who wanted it professionally styled.


Susan and John Waddell, who co-founded The Hair and Makeup Institute in Sydney and the first female hairdristy student.


Susan Haggerty, who led the world in hairstyling from 1981 to 1989 and later founded the first modern hair salon, The Karrs.


Susan, who made her name selling hair in Victoria.


Susan McCrae, who also founded the iconic Boba and Susan MacKernell Hair Salon, which opened in 1966.


Suzanne and Peter Stannard, who began their own salon with their daughter in 1981.


Suzanne Hagger, who came from the business side of the industry and became the world’s first haired model in 1979.


Suzanne, who took over the business from her father when he retired.


Julie McQueen, who had a successful stint in haberdashery and became a full-time salon owner in 1995.


Julie MacKean, who changed the face of hair styling by running The Hair & Make