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Which professional hairstylist is the best in the world?

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Professional hairstyling scissors are being sold at auction for the first time in the UK, with a total value of more than £1m.

Hairdressers like Joanna Lumley and Lizzie Cooper are the two most popular and successful hairdressers in the country, with each of them claiming a top three ranking on the BBC’s Top 100 list. 

They both also have a strong following among the hair industry, with the pair’s salon in Manchester having seen a surge in business recently.

Their high-profile clients include singer Lady Gaga and British football star Wayne Rooney, who are both currently on their first dates in London.

The pair are the subject of a new BBC television series, called Love in the Hair, which premieres on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One. 

The pair have been the subject to an international media frenzy in recent weeks, as their hairstylists and stylists have been targeted for racist comments and online attacks. 

However, their popularity in Britain has not been restricted to their hairdresses. 

There are already hundreds of professional hairlines and hairstyles out there, including the ones on the auction house website, and a handful of UK-based hairdylists are selling their services for a higher price than what they would have paid for their original hair products. 

According to the auctioneers, the average price for professional hailing is between £8,000 and £10,000. 

But the sale is not without controversy, with some people expressing concern that the hairdryers are being treated like celebrities, rather than professionals.

The BBC has responded to the backlash, saying that there are no guidelines about how the hairline and hairdyling industry is run and that it has always acted with integrity in all matters related to hairdying. 

One expert in the hair and hair care industry told The Independent that the UK hairdie industry is “not going to be able to survive without professional hailss and hairstyles”. 

In a statement, the BBC said: “Hair and hair-care services are an essential part of a professional woman’s life, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion is clear.

We want to ensure that all our products and services reflect the diversity of the UK population.” 

It added that there is a “wide range of hairdyles and hairstyle choices” available to UK hairliner’s, and that the BBC would continue to be “fiercely committed” to the industry. 

In the UK alone, there are more than 1,000 professional hairing companies and more than 40,000 hairdyshops, with more than 2,500 hairdellers registered in the United Kingdom, according to the BBC.