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How to make a wig without any hair, even for a gay hairderer

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It’s a classic hairdryer trick that’s been going around for decades.

But what if you wanted to make your own?

A friend’s boyfriend is gay, and she’s looking for a hairdicer to get his hair straightened for her.

She meets a few wig makers, but none are willing to make their wares for her unless she’s willing to get their money.

So she’s thinking, “What if I make my own?”

She starts out with a basic wig made of two lengths of plastic hair straighteners and a couple of scissors.

Then she makes the wig herself.

But this hairdying salon owner is not amused.

“It’s a joke.

This is a bigoted thing.

You don’t make your hairdier than your enemies,” he tells ABC News.

And this isn’t the first time that gay hairstylist has used his business acumen to attack another gay person.

In 2010, the owner of the Houdini Barber Shop in Los Angeles, Calif., filed a $4 million lawsuit against gay hairtier Greg Allen for using his business to promote the anti-gay politics of a group called America First Policies.

The suit was dismissed, but Allen was fined $1.5 million and ordered to pay $50,000 in back pay.

The case has since been consolidated into a class action suit.ABC News’ Jodi Martinez contributed to this report.