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How to make money with your hairdressing scissors

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A woman who used to make her living as a hairdresseshop has found herself in debt after spending thousands of dollars in her shop.

Claire Wicks, 30, started her business at a young age and said she never expected to earn enough to retire.

“I had been living on $50 a week and I’d been living off that for so long that I felt like I’d gone through a life of debt,” she said.

“My life was so unfulfilling, I just wanted to get back to basics and just focus on my job and being able to pay the bills.”

The job that Ms Wicks held for the better part of a decade has now been turned into a debt collection operation, where she says she has been collecting hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.

“They’re going through my house, going through every bit of personal property I have,” Ms Wickers said.

The woman who once worked in the hairdressed services industry, is now owed more than $1,000 in unpaid bills.

“That’s almost double what I had previously,” she explained.

“It’s been like a nightmare.”

Ms Wicks has been trying to get help from the Federal Government, but it has so far only offered to help pay her debts.

“The way I see it, the Government has the power, but they’re not making any changes to the legislation,” she says.

“This is just a case of the Government not giving me what I need.”

Ms Lachlan, from Western Australia, is one of the many Australians who has been struggling with debt in the past few years.

“When I started hairdeling in my 20s I was earning a couple of hundred dollars a week, but then my parents got divorced and my dad went back to work,” she told ABC News.

“So my savings dried up, so I just spent a lot of money on debt to try and put my life back together.”

Lachlan started hailing taxis, but said her business fell apart when she couldn’t get her taxi drivers to come back to her.

“And I was just kind of left without anything to do, and I thought it was just going to just be a temporary thing and then eventually I would get a job and I would have some income,” she added.

Lachlans life is now on hold as she has started a new career in the field of hairdryers.

“After three years, I’m a haberdasher and I’m starting to make some money and have some stability, but the problem is, I don’t have a job,” she warned.

“Now, I’ve been working as a barber and hairdrister and it’s been really hard.”

A spokesperson for the Federal Labor Government said it was aware of Ms Wricks plight and was working with her on a solution.

“As a government, Labor has a duty to ensure everyone in the community has access to financial security, and that includes ensuring people can afford to buy homes, invest in their future and make a secure retirement,” the spokesperson said.