Apple says it will make a ‘smart’ home for home automation

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Apple’s smart home initiative will include a “smart” home for your home, the company announced Wednesday.

Apple will be building “a new platform that can provide you with smart homes for your life,” the company said in a blog post.

It will be “designed to be fully interoperable” with the existing home automation ecosystem, Apple said.

The new platform will be designed to be “fully interoperable with the current home automation platform” and it will be based on a platform built by Apple and its partner, Bosch, that includes more than 100 companies.

“The platform is built to be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Apple HomePod, enabling you to build and manage smart home solutions for all of your Apple devices,” Apple said in the blog post Wednesday.

Apple will also be using “a number of other technologies” for its smart home platform, including “a system for the home’s physical home control system, a system for remote access to Apple’s HomeKit devices, and a system that will allow developers to use Siri to control smart home systems.”

Apple did not say how much money it will spend on the smart home project.

The announcement comes less than a month after Apple’s board approved a $1.7 billion investment for the company.

Apple has been building the smart homes and other features into its iOS devices for some time, but it has never made them available to consumers.

Apple will also have to rely on third-party partners for most of its connected devices, such as its home automation products.