How to Get Rid of Your Hair Before You Die

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Hairdressers and stylists will have to find a new profession to do their work for the foreseeable future.

Hairdresser David Osterhout recently announced his resignation after losing a job to an online competitor.

“I just don’t think I could have done the job with the amount of experience I have,” OsterHout told The Huffington Post.

Osterhorn, who also works for the Hair Institute of America, had been a hairstylist for a while before taking a job with a competing hair salon.

But he said he’s had to make a decision that he was not happy with.

“The industry is in crisis, and there’s not a lot of people doing it,” he told HuffPost.

“Hairdressers are not doing it anymore.”

Osterhart told The Washington Post that his first step was to quit.

He also noted that the number of salon jobs has decreased.

“We’re not in a bubble, and it’s really tough,” he said.

Ostershop.com has an online community of thousands of users that are trying to teach others how to get rid of their hair.

It is also growing, with more than 700,000 members, and has an active community of salon owners who share tips and tricks for making their own salon jobs easier.

But the hairstylists are not the only ones struggling.

The National Hairdress Association is considering a national campaign to encourage all salon owners to stop hiring, rather than hiring in the hopes that they’ll find other jobs.

The association’s President and CEO, Susan Whelan, told The Post that the salon industry is suffering because of the economic downturn.

“There is so much demand out there, but so few people are willing to take the time and expense to do it,” she said.

“As salon owners, we’ve all seen the damage to the industry from the loss of jobs.”

Whelans’ group is also pushing for a federal law to require hair stylists to be licensed.

“This is about the future of the profession,” she told The New York Times.

“What are we going to do in 20 years?

We’ve got to get haircuts done in our homes and we’ve got haircuts to make in our shops.

We’ve been doing that for the last 30 years.”