Woman who says she was assaulted at the Trump International Hotel in Melbourne arrested

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A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted at a Trump International hotel in Melbourne has been arrested.

Melbourne Magistrates Court heard Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Simon Fennell said on Friday he had arrested the woman at the Melbourne hotel on Wednesday.

The woman told police she was at the hotel on the night of December 16 and had gone home but when she returned later that night, she found her friend and another woman had been assaulted.

The court heard she was wearing a white dress when she was attacked and that she was unable to describe what had happened.

The man told police he was drinking at the club, and the woman was in the bathroom, when she noticed that a woman was coming in.

The pair left and went to a nearby hotel, but when they returned to the room, they found the woman in a compromising position with another man, Fennelly said.

She told police the man told her to take off her clothes, and she did, and that he then raped her, the court heard.

Detective Sergeant Fennells told the court she believed the man was a “man of honour”.

“He was dressed like he was a gentleman, he didn’t appear intoxicated,” he said.

“He looked like he had been drinking for a long time.

He didn’t seem upset.

He was a man of honour.”

Detective Sgt Fennills said the woman had gone to the police after the alleged incident on December 16, but was unable and did not want to press charges.

The alleged assault took place at the property between October 2015 and December 2016, and is alleged to have taken place on three separate occasions.

Det Sgt FENNILL said there was evidence the woman and the man were acquainted, and there was a possibility the man had a previous history of offending.

Det Sergeant FENNIFERNS statement also stated that there was no evidence of a motive or history of sexual offending and that the matter was closed.

The judge was told the woman would not be appearing at the trial.

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