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‘Shampooing for women: Shampooing is not a problem for women but for men’

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Hairdresser and beauty salon owner Tigi Hairston has said that shampooing is no big deal for women and not for men.

Speaking at the launch of his latest venture, Shampoo for Women, Hairstont, said that there are people who think that shampoo is for men and women, but it is for everyone.

He also said that a lot of people think shampoo is just for women, Hairdon said, adding that shampoo was for women for a long time, and that it is a big step to change the mentality.

Talking about the shampoo bar, he said, “If a woman uses shampoo and there is a bottle of shampoo on her shelf, then it’s for women.

For men, there’s a shampoo bar on the shelf.

So, if a woman wants to wash her hair, she doesn’t need to worry.

If she wants to shampoo her hair in a shop, she can buy a shampoo for the bar.

So shampooing was not a big issue for women”.

He said that it was not an issue for men because of the way that the bar was made.

Hairstons wife and son also helped him out with the creation of the bar, which was made from a soft plastic and it also has an organic smell.

He said, It was made by hand.

So it wasn’t a machine.

We did a lot with the product and the process.

He said that they did a very good job, adding, “We don’t know if there is any other bar like it, but we hope that it will be a big hit with people who use it”.

Hairston said that the shampoo is not just for men, adding the shampoo for women was a big success.

Hairdons wife is a beauty salon, so she was the one who made the bar and the bar itself was handmade by her.

Haightons wife also helped make the bar in the first place.