How to use the H-PEX to cut out a $150,000 haircut

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Posted January 06, 2019 09:27:33When Adam Sandler decided to take on hairdorning, he had a few questions to ask.

“How much does a $15,000, two-day haircut cost?” he said.

“And how much does an hour of hairdoing?”

He started with a quick trip to the salon.

The H-PLX Pro is $15K, and a one-hour hair cutting session will run you $30.

“You can get the Pro with a flat bar and an adjustable blade and the blade goes out to 3/8-inch or a bit less, so it’s just an extra cost for a smaller salon,” Sandler explained.

“So I’ll go to the nearest barber, get the barber’s blade, and then I’ll take the flat bar out and it’ll just go right through.”

To cut a $145,000 cut, the H PEX Pro comes with a standard blade, a flat blade, four adjustable blades, and an adapter for a blade with a longer head.

Sandler said he also has a special-purpose tool, which he calls the Supercutter, which cuts through hair at a different angle and makes the cuts smoother.

“I have a really good friend, who’s a hairstylist, and he said, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy!

How does this work?’

And I said, I don’t know, but I can tell you that it does,” Sandling said.”

The Supercutters are basically this thing that has been built into the HPLX that’s just designed to do a little bit of cutting.

It’s like an old-fashioned saw, so you can go through the hair and it goes right through,” he added.

To get the most out of your cut, Sandler recommends using the H Supercutler for his hair and the Supercutting Tool for his cuts.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the Supercuts,” he said about the two-handed tools.

“There’s so many times that I’ve been looking at a couple of hours worth of hair and I’m like, ‘What the fuck is that?’

And then you just go to your stylist and they’re like, [sarcastically] ‘You can do that, but you have to use a Supercut,’ and then you’re like [laughing] ‘Really?'”

Sandler uses the H H SuperCutler to cut hair, the SuperCutter for his cut, and the supercutter for a simple, one-handed haircut.

It is the only tool he has that works with all hair types.

“The Supercuts are really versatile, because you can do it on your head, on your shoulder, on the back, and you can also do it for a very light blow,” Sandlers hair stylist, John Cavanaugh, said.

Sandlers favorite technique is to go for the short side of the hair to get the best effect.

He said, “I’ll have the H supercut, and I’ll just take a very, very long, very short piece of hair, and put it in a bun.

I’ll do this for like an hour and a half.

Then I’ll cut that one piece and just put it on top of another piece of short hair, which I’ll use for a side parting.”

Cavanaugh said Sandler does not tend to be afraid to use some cutting tools for his hairdo.

“He just takes it one step at a time and he’s doing it really well,” he explained.

“He’s very selective about what he uses, and what he does, and it just comes down to that he’s really good with his hands,” Cavanaugh added.

Adam Sandler is a great guy and it is always a pleasure to have him on the show,” said Cavanaugh.