Topless hairstylist job posting resumes, resume requirements

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LONDON — A top-ranked hairdressing salon in the UK has asked applicants for resumes, video resumes, a cover letter, a portfolio, a CV, and a CV template.

The Jobster platform says applicants must be “a registered professional in their field” and must have a minimum of 12 years’ experience.

Jobster said it’s “looking to recruit talented individuals to work in a full-service salon” to offer “high quality customer service.”

The job posting is for a top-rated salon, according to the job board.

The job is advertised on Jobster’s website and on a company Facebook page.

Jobsters, which has more than 15 million members, has been using its platform to attract a growing number of people to jobs.

It’s also been using the platform to advertise to clients who want to hire female hairdresses, including the Duchess of Sussex.