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How to wear your hairdo to work

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When I was younger, I loved to dress up as a superhero, a superhero that you could wear a wig and a costume to do the job.

You wore a mask and carried a sword.

That costume was really cool.

And I wore a cape.

But then the superhero craze of the 1980s came along, and the costume was so dated.

So, when I got a job at a hair salon in the 1990s, I was like, “Oh, I want to look like a superhero!”

I don’t really look like that anymore, so I wanted to look really like my old self.

So I wore the wig and the cape to the hair salon.

And the hair stylist who had been working there for so many years told me, “Look, you’re going to have to take off your mask.”

I said, “But I’m not wearing a mask.”

And she said, ‘Why are you wearing a wig?’

I said to her, “Because I’m the super-hero that you’ve been looking for.”

And so I took off my wig and mask, and I was wearing my old costume.

So now I’ve gotten a new job, and my hair is much cleaner and more voluminous, but I still don’t look like my superhero.

So it’s not the same thing.

So if you have a lot of hair, it might be worth taking off your wig and looking like the superman.

And that’s a real problem.

[The hairstylist] was very supportive.

She said, It’s OK.

I’ll take off my mask if you don’t want to be Superman.

So she said to me, you have to be like the old Superman, because you can’t be the superhero.


So I said okay, I’ll wear a mask, but only if you’re the hero, which means you must be very confident and very good-looking.

And so, I went for it.

So that was my costume.

I think my hair has gotten a little more volumized and it looks better.

[But] I still can’t look as good as I used to.

I still have the same hair that I did before, but it’s a little bit thicker.

And when I wear the mask, I still look a little thin.

And there’s a lot more gray in my hair.

So when you’re a superhero you need to have good hair and you need good makeup.

And my hair’s got a little gray to it.

It’s not as gray as I once had it, but there are a lot less gray hairs in my face now.

It still looks pretty good, but now I’m a little tired.

[Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.]