A woman dressed as a mannequins, but without a face, says she was attacked by two men who asked her to take off her clothes in a supermarket

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A woman posing as a “mannequin” in a clothing store told her attacker to “please just go away,” according to police in Australia.

The woman was at a local clothing store on Saturday afternoon when she noticed two men at the door who she said were wearing “creepy” clothing.

The pair asked the woman to remove her clothes and told her she could go outside.

When she refused, the men allegedly said “you’re going to need to remove the mask,” according a statement from the Melbourne Police Department.

Police said the woman was then approached by two male men who “repeatedly” asked her if she was a woman or a man.

The women complied, police said, but the men then asked her for her identity card.

Police did not elaborate on what the card showed.

“The suspect then allegedly threatened to harm the woman if she did not remove her mask,” the statement said.

“He then grabbed her hand and threw it on the floor and fled the store.”

Police said one of the men was seen by a CCTV camera and identified himself as a 19-year-old male from the suburb of Bentleigh.

Police say the man then “refused to identify himself and was then confronted by another male who attempted to take him into custody.”

The man was then arrested and taken to a local police station.