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How to win over the boss of a hair salon, says hairdressing guru

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HAPPY HOUR: An entrepreneur is about to get his dream job.

But don’t expect to be given your very own hairdryers, he says. 

It’s a long road ahead for the 36-year-old who was recently promoted to chief hairdressor at a hair shop in his native Australia.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been working for a hair salons for the past two years.

The job is for a year and, at present, he is in a position to earn up to $20,000 a year.

However, the man had never heard of the job.

“I’d been doing a lot of hair care for years.

So I thought I’d come and see what it’s like,” he told The Hindu.

The hairdurist, who is not married, has been living in the country for the last four years, which is where he started.

“The first job I got was at a local hair salon and the job was for two weeks.

I got $12 per hour.

That was pretty good, so I thought, I’ll try it again,” he said. 

He had the job and was already making enough money to start a business.

He started to consider other jobs.

He did his PhD at the Australian National University in Canberra, before moving to New Zealand.

“So I thought if I had another job, I could take it up there,” he explained. 

“So the first job that I took up was working at a barbershop in the city of Hamilton, in New Zealand.”

The harems in the capital, Hamilton, were run by a group of male barbers who would make a cut. 

The job, called a barber’s cut, was for four hours a day.

“It was pretty intense work.

You have to wear a helmet, you have to put on gloves and you have your own personal razor.

So that’s the pressure.

It’s pretty intense,” he recounted.”

There’s a lot to be learnt there, you need to be good at your job, you don’t have to be able to walk up to the barber and cut your hair.”

He also said he learnt a lot about the barbers at the bar, from the staff and the customers.

“One of the staff members is a really good barber.

The other staff member is really nice, but he’s not really an expert,” he recalled.

The barber, he said, would ask questions about his customers. 

So he would ask, ‘how much do you want?’

He would then cut the hair and give them some money. 

At the end of the day, he would tell the customer, ‘I’m not a good barbersman.

I’m just good at my job’,” he said of the employee.”

At the moment, he’s doing fine.

“He was also asked to make a few cuts on his own, which he did. 

However, after a while, he had to quit the job to spend more time with his family.

He was looking for a way to repay the people who were supporting him and that is when he decided to apply for a job. 

 “There are a lot more people working in the bar and hair salon business, so when I started, it was just a matter of doing it on my own.

But now I’m able to make it on the side and I’m happy with my life.

So it’s not just for the money.

It has a lot bigger implications than just the money,” he stressed. 

Mr Karpathy has since started a website,, where he offers advice and tips. 

His advice, which includes taking a taxi, a car or a bus to work and how to make your own hair, is not just focused on the money, but also the time.”

It`s the same work, but I would get a bit more done.””

If I had to do it all over again, I`d probably do it for five or six years.

It`s the same work, but I would get a bit more done.”