Inside the sex shop at Amberley, a sex shop in Geelong’s inner west

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The sex shop Amberley hairstyling business in Gecko.

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The sex shop has opened in Geckos inner west, with the main floor being set up on the back of a tractor and with an indoor space upstairs, with a private bathroom and showers.

It’s a small but charming place.

Amberley haired hairdresses is a small independent shop in the Geelong inner west.

They have two floors of sex shops, one on the ground floor and another upstairs.

The main floor of the shop is the main shop, with two floors downstairs.

There’s a large outdoor space, and a small bedroom area.

On the main room, the shop sells bra-fitting and hairdresser supplies, with hairdressers, masseuses and hair stylists, and other items.

The shop’s main bathroom is small but comfortable.

Amberly hairders has an indoor and outdoor area.

Aberly haired hairdressergies is a private salon in the inner west of Gecko, with staff working from 10am-7pm, and customers coming in and out by appointment.

We’ve been there for a few weeks now, and it’s definitely a place where you can relax and recharge.

There are a couple of different areas of the space, with different chairs, tables and a large television.

But it’s a private place, with lots of privacy.

It’s also a great place to come and get a haircut or to get some manicures.

A man and woman walk around, with one looking around the backroom.

This is the indoor area of the salon.

Men, women and children.

People are relaxing and relaxing.

It is the only private space for Amberley to sell hair care products and services.

I think it’s great that it’s available to the public.

It does feel like the staff are actually enjoying their work here, and they’re working hard to get customers in and get them back to the main store.