How to find the best Justin Bieber hairdresser in Seattle

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Seattle — The hairdressers at Justin Bieber’s personal stylist, Justin and Ann Anderson, have become an online sensation.

Now, they’re taking over their own stylist.

The duo, who opened up a hair salon in 2012, will be joining the team as a full-time stylist for Justin’s hair and make-up.

The stylists are now the only two in the Seattle area, according to the Seattle Business Journal.

The other stylists work for other clients, and have to take time off work to focus on the Bieber cause.

The Anderson brothers have been making headlines lately for their outspoken views on race relations, immigration, and immigration enforcement, as well as their extensive social media presence.

The Anderson brothers had a lot to say about the immigration crisis and what to do about it, so you can bet they’ll be a big part of what the Biebs is doing.

They are the first stylists in the United States to be allowed to perform in the Olympics, but they’re not the first ones to open up their own business to cater to the celebrity.

You can find more details about the new stylist at the Seattle City Attorney’s office website.

The team is also opening up a new Twitter account to connect with fans and offer updates on their latest stylist moves.

Justin is scheduled to perform at the U.S. Open on June 5 in Augusta, Georgia.